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December 11, 2022
“Advent – Joy”
Gaudete Sunday

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Advent Prayer

In each of our hearts lies a Bethlehem,
an inn where we must ultimately answer
whether or not there is room for You, O God.
When we are Bethlehem-bound,
we can no longer look the other way,
conveniently avoiding the stars,
or closing our ears to the voices
of angels and prophets.


Come, holy Light,
Mute the voice of disbelief within,
And the voices of cynicism without,
Telling us that we are not enough
to birth your dream for creation.

Lift all that is downtrodden within us,
and all around the world.

Magnify your goodness, O Holy One,
Through us, as through Mary,
That we might come to believe with her,
the unlikely good news
that the life of God is waiting to be born in us.

My our lives be a “yes”
to your invitation to mother-forth
your sacred future
where all shall be made new.

-adapted from ‘Mary’s Song’ & ‘Wisdom’s Angel’ by Bruce Sanguin

This Advent, let us watch and wait,
as we make our way to Bethlehem
and to the miracle of God born among us.

A neighbourhood hub…

   Trinity Grace United Church is located in “Fraserhood” in the heart of East Vancouver. We’re dedicated to serving our friends in the neighbourhood and welcoming everyone who wants to connect. We’re here to build community, care for each other, explore the sacred dimension of life and build a kinder and more just world together.

   We believe in good things happen when people of goodwill come together and get to know each other. Our Thrift Shop, Acoustic Coffeehouse, and Sunday gathering are just a few of the ways you can connect in community at TGUC.