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Greetings from Rev Sandra

An Open Church

   Trinity-Grace is a cozy hub for spiritual growth and reflection in the heart of Vancouver’s east side. We’ve spent more than 100 years evolving into a place where you can belong, be loved and be nourished. When you’re seeking a community to connect with, a place to explore sacred meanings or you simply want to make a difference in the world, Trinity-Grace is for you.
   We work hard to be an inclusive space that is open minded and open hearted.
   People have told us we are a ‘heavenly little church that is also down to earth’. Join us and discover for yourself what we offer.

Worship at Trinity Grace

Join Us For Worship

Our weekly service is every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
   Our style is casual: come as you are. Our seating is also informal: no pews here – just tables, chairs and comfy couches to sit on. We always offer hot coffee, tea and light snacks before, after and during the service. There are prayers, readings from the bible, a reflection by the minister and lots of music – a mix of older hymns and new, upbeat songs. We also spend time during the service to share news, joys and concerns with each other – a big part of how we support each other on the journey.

   Have young children? We don’t yet offer a Sunday School, hopefully to soon! Children along with their parents or caregivers are welcome to join us and hang out in the cozy kids’ zone near our sanctuary where they can play and also stay tuned into the service.

You may also wish to join our Wednesday morning playgroup.
Coming soon: Messy Church for families and kids that takes place during the week is focused on fun, creativity and celebration. It’s a unique and playfull way to explore faith and connect with other families. Stay tuned.

“As a lapsed Christian, I didn’t think I would find community in a church, but the doors of Trinity-Grace are literally always open. They welcomed me and my dog, Lilli and now I’m a true advocate for what this church is all about: open-hearted service and community.”
Kim Sirrs

“I was AMAZED! Yesterday, I attended the Tuesday Breakfast Club for the first time. I had offered to fill in for breakfast volunteers going on vacation next month so, I was there to learn how everything works. I was greeted by a dedicated and enthusiastic mix of congregation and community volunteers. The Sanctuary was turned into an attractive café; food was prepared from early in the morning by kitchen volunteers; and toast, coffee, tea, condiments prepared and set up by the café helpers. Breakfast consisted of beverages, oatmeal, soup, frittata, toast, and cake. I was assigned a job where I would get into the least amount of trouble and that was dishing out the oatmeal. That turned out to be the most amazing job. Oatmeal was the first service station and I was greeted with a warm smile or nod from almost every breakfast visitor. People were happy to be there and that made me happy to be there as well. If you have never come to the 10-year-old Tuesday Breakfast Club, put it on your bucket list and come as a diner or a volunteer.”
David Peachey
Member and volunteer at Trinity-Grace United Church
David Peachey, member and volunteer at Trinity-Grace United Church