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Holy Saturday Worship

Holy Saturday

   Putting off sleep to watch and pray, we gathered in late eve-ning darkness. In the preceding days, we had travelled deeper into shadow, from table to cross to tomb. The chapel was unlit and unadorned, having been stripped bare on Good Friday. On this night, however, we were gathered to usher in the Day of Resurrection and the rising of our hope and joy.
   In silence, a single candle, lit outside, was carried in toward the baptismal font. Laid in the water of rebirth and blessed, the Christ light was shared throughout the sanctuary. A single voice proclaimed in a low intonation the first alleluia since the beginning of Lent. Rising in pitch and intensity, the alleluia grew into a chorus as the light of Christ brightened and warmed the chapel. Suddenly, it was midnight, and the bells signalled the dawn of another Easter morning.