Come Celebrate With Us

Why PIE?
The lovely acronym PIE stands for Public, Intentional, and Explicit.
Those are the standards we hold ourselves and our welcome to when we become Affirming, Welcoming, or Inclusive communities!
We founded this Day as an official way to invite people across Canada to show what it means to be inclusive.

Think about an Affirming pie.
   What would your Affirming pie taste like? What ingredients would you use? This year we are going to celebrate with P.I.E. recipes created by you! It could be a traditional apple pie recipe or it might have a twist in the ingredients … two cups of inclusion, a tablespoon of sparkle, a quarter cup of love … you get the idea! Now, think about how your faith community as an Affirming Committee or faith Congregation would build an Affirming pie!

We are challenging you to come up with the best P.I.E. Recipes.
    • Share them on our National P.I.E. Day Recipe Board for National Affirming Day.
    • Your favourite pie, a great cupcake or special treat recipe will make for a great virtual bake off!
    • Pick a special recipe of what Affirming would taste like if it were a pie! 
    • We look forward to reading them all.
        (Include a picture ?)
    • Anonymous posts or your first name are fine. Tell us about your faith community and your contribution.

We look forward to enjoying the pies and sharing with all of you.