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The Church Has Left the Building

How Will We Combine Online and In-Person Church?

this three-part series on online church when we are back in the church building.

At the end of the course, you will have

  • described online initiatives that others are undertaking and evaluated which ones will work best in your context
  • identified the online ministries you wish to continue and the ones you want to do in person only
  • identified options for your congregation’s online presence and implemented the necessary tools to integrate them into your communication strategy
  • considered the resources required, including clergy, musician, and tech time as well as financial outlay for equipment and staff time
  • created online “pathways” that take online guests from passive to more active engagement with your faith community
  • Session 1: What does it mean to be church?
    This session explores the extent to which new ways of doing and being church have changed our understanding of who we are as church.
  • Session 2: Integrating online worship with the traditional in-person gatherings
    Are we going to discontinue online worship services, or are we going to create a hybrid church that allows new online visitors to remain part of the life and ministry of our church? What are our options?
  • Session 3: Online and/or in-person ministries
    In addition to traditional Sunday worship we have many more online ministries, such as outreach, pastoral care, Bible studies, church school, cooking sessions, and prayer groups. When we return to meeting in person, which online activities will we continue to offer?

$29.99 for the series―$5 discount if you pay online.