A weekly calendar with prayers, links to articles, opportunities for taking action, and ways to reflect. Each week focuses on a social justice theme.

Justice For Palestine

Thursday Noticing:

   Often, we find our ourselves having to wait when we are out and about doing our various chores and activities in the community.  All of us have experienced this more often during the last year due to Covid restrictions.  

   As you go about your daily life, notice the times that you have to wait, perhaps at the grocery store, gas stations or the bank.  Over the next few days, notice how you feel when you must wait before you can accomplish what you need to do.  How do you feel about waiting when the lines are longer than you expected?  How about when the weather is wet or cold?  When the wait is longer, is there anything you do to pass the time?  Has your ‘waiting attitude’ changed over the last 12 months? 

   Take note of anything else that you notice about yourself and the act of ‘waiting’.  Think about the plight of so many Palestinians who must line-up and wait most days of their lives, trying to accomplish the things that many of us do with relative ease.