About Gracie’s Thrift Store In East Vancouver

   Gracie’s Thrift Store includes: Gracie’s Thrift Shop, with its very reasonably priced everyday items and Gracie’s Treasures with its collectables. The revenue Gracie’s generates, is all donated to community causes. Donations that help the planet reuse and recycle gently used quality items of clothing, homeware, entertainment and lifestyle are always appreciated.

   Gracie’s Thrift Store opened in July 2009, as a fundraising project of Grace United Church. It’s first sale was in a small basement church meeting room. We raised $80 on that first day. It grew to be open every Saturday, with the help of 12 volunteers, pre COVID.

Gracies Thrift Extended Hours
Extended Hours

   A short while later, as the church’s financial position improved, it was decided that the proceeds of the sales would be donated to local schools, charites and global emergencies. The shop ran entirely by volunteers who kept overheads low.

   It wasn’t long before the number of items received from friends and neighbours of the shop, filled the small room and overflowed into the larger outer hall. At that time we were holding our Tuesday Breakfast down there and everything for sale would have to be crammed into the small room after each thrift sale. Eventually, the Breakfast was moved upstairs opening up the entire basement, where we continued to operate until the pandemic struck.

   The support of our customers has been the driving force behind Gracie’s success. Over the years we have been able to make a difference in our community and globally. In 2019 alone we were able to raise over $15,000, which we have donated to various worthwhile causes.

   Our customers have become friends and the shop a gathering place for friends and neighbours. The Open Mic Coffee House takes place upstairs on sale days. It began a couple of years after the thrift shop opened, adding energy to those in the building and enjoyed by shoppers, too. Gracie’s shifted to opening on alternate Saturdays, with the help of a changing volunteer base that continues to find Gracie’s a fulfilling activity.

Gracies Thrift Shop

   Now we face and embrace another change. With the closing of Gracie’s due to the COVID 19 Pandemic restrictions on inside shopping, we found the need to reinvent ourselves. We took the plunge into on-line shopping. Continued thrifty value to our neighbours in need while retaining the exisiting value that recyling supports. Who knows where it will lead.

Our loyal customers and donors continue their importance in driving Gracie’s and its mission to support this community. We appreciate you giving us a chance and the continued support we all benefit from and enjoy !