Justice in Vancouver, Here & Now

Social Justice Issues

   We are all connected to the earth and one another. We play an ongoing part in the healing and mending of that relationship.

   At any point in time, a current community issue jumps to the fore front. A unique opportuinity for it to be addressed.
   Underlying those opportunities are the fundamentals of health, food and poverty that drive the security people need to survive, free from crime and intimidation. The injustice of being taken advantage remains until they are dealt with.

The Five Levels of Social Justice

   Fundamental strengths build on interaction. If any need is built apon another we are destined to revisit both until the base is secure. Without health, food, education and poverty issues addressed, justice tends to matter less. Sustainable food supplies maintain health and reveal other resouces to assist with education, poverty issues, as an exit from aid. Education allows the forward perspective needed to allow todays realities to flow in concert with; the changes taking place on earth, the complexities of poverty and trade offs of justice for one and all.

Health & Disease Social Justice Issues

     The 2020 pandemic brought focus to the need of dealing with health 1st and foremost.
     End the pandemic … get life-saving medical supplies to all … we all remain connected & vulnerable.
     No countries have equal access to needed medicines.
     Vaccine nationalism & pharmaceutical profit are dangers for those needing help & protection while dying.
     For millions it was already to late
     For hundreds of millions poverty and extreme poverty became the new reality.
     While the danger of COVID variants were top of mind, there is another issue attacking world health that contributes to more deaths than COVID has already claimed… it is the quality of the air we breath.

Deaths Due To Air Quality 2017
Air Quality of Asia 2021
Air Quality of North America in 2021

Hunger & Food Sustainability Social Justice Issues

     Consistent access to clean water and food is as debilitating as a pandemic.
        It is what almost 1 billion people face as they live in extreme poverty worldwide.
        It is what Canaidan communities face after repeated promises over decades remain unfulfilled.
     Post pandemic economic pressures complicate hunger & food sustainability.
     For these without clean water & a constant source of food the health crisis continues…
     Most serious is that their impact on children, as it undermines generational improvement.
     Most serious for todays disadvangaged is the poverty trap they are in assuring:
         – increased risk of crime and conflict puts them at added risk
         – restricted access to community support and services traps them in a survival loop
         – greater exposure to gender inequality, racisim and bias continues that they can’t defend against

Resume Learning Social Justice Issues

     Training is the path to a better level of sustainable security for all in any community.
     Education & understanding are key to dealing with the causes that threaten health, survival and existence.
     Understanding of options & implimentation helps work with one another to deal with change.
     Moving from being dependant on aid to establishing living security requires new perspectives.

Protect the Planet

   The horizon of threats for those in extreme poverty & at risk groups, are equal to the ones all of us face, if our planet is not considered in all actions. Thought and consideration will need to reach more complex levels.

Advance Fairness & Equity For All

   Everyone experiencing equal opportunity, in a fair way, has become a politaclly correct expressed goal. We are born into situations, follow different experience paths and desire our own unique today and tomarrows. The opportunity to reach for what we view as fair in balance with the fair of others is the challenge of equity.
   Once exploitation, intimidation, risk from crime and abuse, access to legal protections, cease to be issues the opportunity of fairness and equity truly arrives.