Justice Activities

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

You’ll see these words the minute you walk into our sanctuary..
We believe the spirit of justice and compassion is at work, through us ordinary people, individually and collectively.

As a community, we engage in dialogue about how we can educate ourselves regarding important justice issues, to then find ways to take action together as agents of change or movement towards healing, wholeness, justice and equity for all people and all creation.

Some of the advocacy we’re involved with:
• First Nations: Reconciliation & advocacy
• LGBTQ+: CampOut and Rainbow Refugee
• Anti-black racism
• Palestine/Israel: Palnet
• Climate justice
• Affordable housing
• Opioid crisis
• Sex worker safety & support: SAFE in Cedar Cottage network
• Poverty and food insecurity

Want to take action right now?


Sign the petition below that seeks to redress the displacement of Vancouver’s Black Community

Racism in the Health Care System greatly impacts Indigenous people, especially women.
Consider making a donation to the DTES Women’s Centre
, whose clients are seventy percent Indigenous women


Sign the petition on the David Suzuki Foundation to urge our government to take immediate action to reduce emissions


Support the CCR (Cdn Council for Refugees) on Canada refugee sponsorship and the campaign to restart the resettlement of refugees