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• This item is NOT one of the first 4 spoked hand-wheel ones, from the Elizabeth factory in New Jersey, originally called Model 20 because they were the 20th unique singer after Isaac Singers patent model No1, patented in 1851.

• This item is also NOT one of the 1989 recreations that look so great and feature the “USA” below the Singer registered logo (see image of ad for one  below).

• It is one of the eight-spoked hand-wheel ones introduced in 1914 during WW I. We believe it is from the 1920’s. The basic engineering of the 20 remained the same during the decades this item was sold’ accounting for how this simple chain stitch model was also sold as a adult light portable unit. The registered symbol and shape of the cast iron base also support that time frame. Further  threading numbers stamped on the machine as was part of the 1926 manufacturing ‘improvement’ are not there. Why we believe the 1914 to 1925 estimated date.
• This item is in good shape and operational. It has not been ‘restored’. It has wear, scratches and is missing:
· the clamp that anchors the cast iron base (see scratches on base back side… not the side with the trademark)
· the seam cloth guide and knob (knock off replacement is available on ebay at $29.98 CDN).

• What others sell for:

For a 1989 reproduction:
1989 reproduThe lowest price we found (for one of the 1989 reproduction units) was $180 USD.

Singer 20 Lowest Price

A unit needing work (needs thread shaft, seam guide, rust removal)
Singer 20 needing workUnits in similar collectable condition:
… on eBay
Singer in colectable state— on Etsy


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Starting bid: $105.00

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Many girls and young women saw this as their first sewing experience. This well made cast iron sewing machine set the standard often copied and still unsurpassed for toy sewing machines starting around 1910.

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