DUNE – Battle For Corrin

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One of the the  first in the Dune story. 56 years after the Machine Crusade it provide background to the story of Dune. (The 3rd book in the time line of the DUNE series.)

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A list of Dune novels and short stories in Chronological Order: 1.”Hunting Harkonnens” (Included in Tales of Dune) 2.The Butlerian Jihad 3.”Whipping Mek” (Included in Tales of Dune) 4.The Machine Crusade 5.”The Faces of a Martyr” (Included in Tales of Dune) 6.The Battle of Corrin 7.Sisterhood of Dune 8.Mentats of Dune 9.”Red Plague” (takes place immediately before Navigators of Dune; Included in Tales of Dune) 10.Navigators of Dune 11.“Imperial Court” (Included in Sands of Dune) 12.“Edge of a Crysknife” (Included in Sands of Dune) 13.House Atreides 14.House Harkonnen 15.”Blood and Water” (standalone excerpt from House Harkonnen) 16.House Corrino 17.“Fremen Justice” (Also published as “Nighttime Shadows of Open Sand,” standalone excerpt from House Corrino) 18.“Wedding Silk” (Included in Tales of Dune) 19.The Duke of Caladan 20.The Lady of Caladan 21.The Heir of Caladan (coming September 21, 2022) 22.Frank Herbert’s Dune 23.“A Whisper of Caladan Seas” (takes place during events of Dune; Includedin Tales of Dune) 24.“Blood of the Sardukar” (takes place during events of Dune; (Included in Sands of Dune) 25.”The Waters of Kanly” (takes place during events of Dune; (Included in Sands of Dune) 26.Paul of Dune 27.Frank Herbert’s Dune Messiah 28.The Winds of Dune 29.Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune 30.Frank Herbert’s God-Emperor of Dune 31.Frank Herbert’s Heretics of Dune 32.Frank Herbert’s Chapterhouse; Dune 33.“Sea Child” (takes place during events of Chapterhouse; Dune; Included in Tales of Dune) 34.Hunters of Dune 35.“Treasure in the Sand” (takes place immediately before Sandworms of Dune; Included in Tales of Dune) 36.Sandworms of Dune Also of interest:
  •The Road to Dune •Tales of Dune •Dreamer of Dune Short Story Publication History “Whisper of Caladan Seas” (1999)“Blood and Water” (2000)“Fremen Justice” (also published as “Nighttime Shadows of Open Sand”) (2001) “Hunting Harkonnens” (2002)“Whipping Mek” (2003)“The Faces of a Martyr” (2004)“Sea Child” (2006)“Treasure in the Sand” (2009)“Wedding Silk” (2011)“Red Plague” (2016)“The Waters of Kanly”(2017) “Blood of the Sardukar” (2019) “Imperial Court” (2022)“Edge of a Crysknife” (2022)

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