Stain Glass Remeberance

We are inherently spiritual beings, with an innate sense that all things are connected.
    • What’s the nature of our interconnectedness?
    • How do we connect to the bigger reality beyond ourselves?
    • How are we called to relate to each other and all living beings?

These are the questions that nudge us, urging us forward on our journey of spiritual growth.TGUC invites you to ask and explore your questions in community, drawing upon the Christian tradition, and mindful of the wisdom offered in other religious and philosophical traditions.

Want to know what the United Church of Canada “believes”?
Check out the “Song of Faith” ! Spirituality is both personal and relational.

Stain Glass Holy Spirit

Some of the opportunities for tending your spirit at TGUC are:
    • Walking the Labyrinth
    • The Open Table (dinner church)
    • Sunday service
    • Bible Study
    • Book Discussions
    • Jazz vespers