the Gospel according to.. Community Gardens

September 5th, 2021

by Rev Maggie Enwright
of Pacific Spirit United Church

The seed of co creation, new & exploring…

Service Highlights

Sermon: The Gospel According to Community Gardens
Learning Together
with Children and Youth
Matthew 13: 24-34
Summer Spirit Prayer

the Gospel according to.. Dandelions

August 29th, 2021

by Rev Sandra Nixon
of Trinity Grace United Church

Dandelions From Another Perspective

Service Highlights

Dandelion Farm by Charlie Higgins (words & Music by Charlie Higgins)
Matthew 6: 25-33
Pastoral Prayer

the Gospel according to.. Dog

August 22nd, 2021

by Rev Deborah Laing
of Pacific Spirit United Church

The Best Practices

… loving relationships

Service Highlights

a partner in values
Luke 6:27-31,37,38
Summer Spirit Prayer

the Gospel according to.. Kimchi

August 15th, 2021

by Rev Dr Richard Chung
of Knox United Church

The Way of Spicy-Hot Followers

… become a spicy hot follower of Jesus

Service Highlights

the beauty of the Cross
Acts 1: 1-13

the Gospel according to.. Starbucks

August 8th, 2021

by Rev Dr Richard Chung
of Knox United Church

Living a life of Grande Passion

in the language of other people

Service Highlights

Sermon … growing into Christ
Acts 2: 37 – 47
The Lords Prayer #916

the Gospel according to.. Sourdough

August 1st, 2021

by Rev Steven Mirkovich
of Wilson Heights United Church

the Gospel according to.. sourdough … WORSHIP SERVICE

how will you let God meet your needs this season ?

Service Highlights

Sermon by: Rev Kevin Mirkovich
Learning Together
with Children and Youth
Prayer about Hunger & Safety
Communion by: Rev Kevin Mirkovich

the Gospel according to.. A Black Mother

July 25th, 2021

by Rev Keitha Ogbogu
hosted by Shaughnessy Heights United Church from West Springs Free Methodist Church, Calgary

The Gospel According to.. a Woman on the Margins

Service HighlightsThe Gospel According to a Woman on the MarginsService Highlights

Sermon by:
Rev Keitha Ogbogu
Mark 5: 24 – 34

the Gospel according to.. Walking

July 18th, 2021

by Rev Heather Joy James
of Oakridge United Church

The Gospel According to.. Walking

The Gospel According to Walking Service Highlights

Sermon by:
Rev Heather Joy James
Pacing Your Life at Godspeed
Psalm 121 Isaiah 30:21
Jeremiah 6:16
Summer Spirit Prayer

the Gospel according to.. the Irish Whistle

July 11th, 2021

by Rev Dave Moors
of Shaughnessy Heights United Church

Service Highlights

Sermon by Rev Dave Moors
Exile & Homecoming
Reading by Rev Deb Walker
Psalm 127 & Genesis 33
Prayer by Rev Deb Walker
Prayers of Our Hearts

the Gospel according to…Broadway

July 4th, 2021

by Rev Jay Olson
of Marpole and St. Stephen’s United Churches

Broadway musicals tell our stories of lament, affirmation, imagination, opening our eyes to hopes and dreams.

Continue Praying for One Another

     Let us continue to be in prayer for one another – for those who are sick; grieving; recovering from injuries; waiting for medical treatments; those labouring for inadequate wages or seeking affordable housing; for those close to leaving this life; blessings for those who are feeling isolated still; for those who live with addiction and those who see no reason to live.

     Prayers for those running from wildfires, who have lost their homes, businesses and their sense of safety. We pray for safety and effectiveness for those on the ground and in the air who are fighting these formidable fires.

     We pray for those who have moved to a new place and are working to make it home, especially for those who have no little control over their care. We pray for those moving from independent living to long-term care. Grant them comfort, care, safety, and dignity.

     We pray for blessings for all those who bless us – store clerks, take-out servers, caregivers, healthcare providers, truck drivers, cleaners, neighbours, strangers and so many more. And we pray for our neighbours around the world.

     We continue to pray for our indigenous neighbours across Canada that the answers they seek will be given, that the recognition and dignity so long deserved would finally be given, and that concrete efforts for justice will be done. God, soothe the shattered and battered hearts of these your children. God, in your mercy, hear our prayers. Amen.